Liz’s Speaking Engagements

Liz is happy to visit your church, book club, reunion group, youth group or a gathering of all your rowdy friends to talk about her book. She is happy to read a portion of it, answer questions, teach on a particular topic, give a sermon or dance a jig. (Well, maybe not the dancing part […]

Why release on 07/07/2017?

Ten years ago, on 07/07/07, my husband and I joined our friends and over 20,000 other believers at Nissan Stadium here in Nashville for an event called The Call ( The evangelist Lou Engle, as well as many others, gather together believers in stadiums across the country to intercede for our nation, for the church, […]

Gary Chapman’s Endorsement for Like The Ocean Moves

“Every genuine work of art has at its core, a good story. Every painting. Every song. Every poem. Every book. We are drawn to them because, at our cores, we are each a story being written every day. Like The Ocean Moves is not a good story. It is a great story brimming with rich […]

Foreward for Like The Ocean Moves

Christian suspense novel. Christian suspense novel? I never really knew what that was. Of course I had an idea what it should be. Just by the name of the genre I thought I knew what I was in store for  me when reading Liz Mitchell’s Like The Ocean Moves. I thought wrong. Let me tell […]