Liz’s Speaking Engagements

Liz is happy to visit your church, book club, reunion group, youth group or a gathering of all your rowdy friends to talk about her book. She is happy to read a portion of it, answer questions, teach on a particular topic, give a sermon or dance a jig. (Well, maybe not the dancing part because she doesn’t want to terrify anyone. But she is open to suggestions of what will work for your crowd.)

Shoot her an email and she’ll get some ideas and dates going:

Here are a few photos from Liz’s reading at Murray State University’s alumni reading 7/8/2017:

On 7/31/2017 Liz gave the sermon (titled God Dreams) at Webb Memorial United Methodist Church in Clay, KY. After lunch, they even let her back up to the mic to read from Like The Ocean Moves.

On 8/3/17 Liz did her first live internet broadcast with Bible News Radio. Here’s the podcast if you’d like to listen to the show:

Why release on 07/07/2017?

Ten years ago, on 07/07/07, my husband and I joined our friends and over 20,000 other believers at Nissan Stadium here in Nashville for an event called The Call ( The evangelist Lou Engle, as well as many others, gather together believers in stadiums across the country to intercede for our nation, for the church, and for one another. It’s a time of deep worship and prayer, which follows forty days of worship and prayer and fasting as a time of preparation for the event. We had been looking forward to going and it was a profound experience that made lasting impressions on us.

Yes, we baked in the sun like pasty lobsters that changed from fuchsia to crimson over the course of the day. We drank enough water to float a small cruise ship and wished they made sunscreen with an SPF higher than 100. But while all that was going on, God was doing some super cool things. Several prophetic words went out into the atmosphere around us that night, one of which was a call to the artists in Nashville. The call went out, asking God to pour out a spirit of divine artisanship, art inspired by Holy Spirit, to those called to it in and around Nashville. Artists included writers, painters, singers, songwriters, doodlers, woodworkers, musicians…all those who are born with that natural inclination to create. Those of us who have it can’t seem to escape it and most of the time we don’t really want to. The cry rang out, asking God to intervene, to pour out, to help us all become more than what we could be without him. And I believe he answered that cry with a resounding yes.

At the time I wasn’t living in Nashville. I was still teaching in Madisonville, Kentucky and had just begun my MFA degree. I had no intentions of moving to Nashville, switching careers, and ultimately writing this book. But because I chose to receive that prophetic word and take it to heart, a fire in my spirit began to smolder that day. Over time that fire burned hotter and became Like The Ocean Moves, Book One of the Torchbearer Series. The book will be released ten years after the day it became a blessed possibility. My prayer is that when you read Like The Ocean Moves, you will hear the echo of the cry that went out on 07/07/07 and know that the Creator hears your cries too.

Gary Chapman’s Endorsement for Like The Ocean Moves

“Every genuine work of art has at its core, a good story. Every painting. Every song. Every poem. Every book. We are drawn to them because, at our cores, we are each a story being written every day. Like The Ocean Moves is not a good story. It is a great story brimming with rich characters, plot twists and intrigue. Liz Mitchell has written a book that encourages, challenges, excites and captures the reader. It makes me want to be a better son to my Father God. It makes me insanely desirous to see Heaven. It makes me want to be an author. It makes me want to be a Torchbearer.”

Gary Chapman


Gary Chapman’s Biography

Gary Chapman has long been one of the most respected singer-songwriters in Nashville. For nearly four decades, Chapman has seamlessly blurred the musical lines of contemporary Christian, pop, country and southern gospel, racking up an impressive list of awards including seven Dove Awards, five GRAMMY nominations and writing credits for legendary artists such as Kenny Rogers, Alabama and Wynonna. Chapman is also widely remembered as the host of TNN’s popular “Prime Time Country” television series and the “Sam’s Place” concert series and radio show at the Ryman Auditorium.

Gary and wife Cassie adopted a baby daughter, Eva Rose in 2013 and remain very close to his son Matt and daughters Sarah and Millie, who’ve since spread their wings for school and successful careers respectively. “Family is everything to us”.

Once a week, Chapman sings live from his living room and tells the stories behind a different classic hymn. “These timeless songs were the only thing that gave my father peace in his final days. When he was struggling, I would just take out my guitar and play the songs that I had learned as a child for him at his bedside. Singing those hymns I grew up with helped me remember what music is really for.” After a long struggle with Parkinson’s and Cancer, Gary’s father went to be with the Lord in peace like a preacher should, Easter morning at sunrise. “A Hymn a Week” has grown into a global, loving community.

Gary’s broad experience in music and television keeps him in demand and qualified for just about every facet of the creative process. He claims he has “taken recreation to an artform” and enjoys hiking, fishing, boating, scuba diving, skiing and pretty much anything you can have fun doing outside. He soloed an airplane when he was 12 years old and has been a licensed pilot of fixed wing and rotorcraft his entire life. He and Cassie love to travel and are always ready to see what’s around the next bend in the road.

Foreward for Like The Ocean Moves

Christian suspense novel.

Christian suspense novel?

I never really knew what that was. Of course I had an idea what it should be.

Just by the name of the genre I thought I knew what I was in store for  me when reading Liz Mitchell’s Like The Ocean Moves.

I thought wrong.

Let me tell you going in what I thought Like The Ocean Moves was NOT going to be.

I didn’t think it would be nerve-racking. I didn’t think it would be well written. Nor did I think it would be gripping.

It was NOT supposed to be suspenseful. It was NOT supposed to be thrilling. It was NOT supposed to be exciting.

That’s what I thought. And once again writer Liz Mitchell proved me wrong. Very wrong.

Like The Ocean Moves is a book that hits hard. A right hook to the Solar Plexus that knocks the wind out of you. Leaves you gasping for air once you find yourself trapped in the story with characters you can’t help feel for. Relate to. Envision yourself as. She creates people. The people that we want to be. The people we should be. The people we fear we may become. The people we loathe. And the people we love. Real people.

In other words she creates the world as it is. She holds up a mirror and you can either look away or stare into the reflection and question who is looking back at you.

But that is what good storytelling does. It creates questions; sometimes more questions than answers. Sometimes those questions are the ones we always wanted to ask; sometimes they are the questions we were afraid to think about. And we may not find the answers we want but we may find the answers we need.

Mitchell writes with a conviction of both a devoted Christian and a dedicated artist, she has created a story that is powerful both in plot and in passion. Like a seasoned tightrope walker she carefully moves along the line between the worlds of the celestial and terrestrial. Leaving herself open perched up high, in the spotlight carefully taking each step with measured poise.

She writes with a style that is both personal and prescient at times. Her subject matter is upsetting. As it should be! Because it’s a subject matter that needs to be addressed. Has to be addressed!

But can a book be both upsetting and uplifting? Unsettling and inspiring? Angering and enlightening?

The good ones can. The good ones take us to places we don’t want to go. Places we don’t want to know exist. Places we’d rather not think about let alone visit. Places we need to see. And Mitchell takes us to those places. Because that is the destination of providence, the last stop of humanity.

Mitchell becomes a tour guide of the human condition, in both the psychological plane and spiritual domain where she takes you on a trip where both faith and fate intersect at that place called life, the crossroads where one way leads to the temporal world and one towards a heavenly realm. One direction towards destiny and one towards divinity, one path well worn for most, the other unexplored for many. But both within our reach.

Like The Ocean Moves is a story that moves between redemption and retribution with a stopover in repentance. It’s a story that moves from the darkest of the dark to the brightest light and away from the banality of gray indifference.

Mitchell creates a place where both the pious and pitiful live side by side; the devout and devious are shoulder to shoulder, a place where the good, the bad and the unimaginable all collide and explode into a firestorm of emotions. Emotions that are all too real.

She deftly moves us between the soulless desolation that is prevalent in this world to the miraculous salvation of the next, never letting us forget that faith, true faith, is something that is both inexplicable and unexplainable but always unwavering.

She shows that decadence is offset by decency, desperation negated by deliverance, that in the end it’s the warm glow of salvation that guides us through the blackness of doubt.

She writes about virtue lost and innocence regained. She writes from a place that lies between the mind and the heart – the soul.

Does Liz Mitchell have a voice? Yes. One that is both a whisper that can be heard in the deafening silence of apathy and one that is a shout that can be heard over the din of moral destitution. Her voice resonates, her faith is resilient, her message is rewarding. And her words become a beacon, a light that will lead you through the bleakest of nights towards the dawning of a new day. She illuminates the path towards a better place. It’s up to us to get there.

Dan Madigan

August 2016

Madigan is a screenwriter, author, documentarian, and director of live television. He worked for Vince McMahon and the WWE writing and directing their live shows RAW and SMACKDOWN. Madigan also wrote WWE Films first “See No Evil” which launched that series franchise. He wrote the international best seller ‘MONDO LUCHA A GO-GO” for Simon& Schuster Publishers, the ultimate tome on professional masked Mexican wrestling. Madigan then wrote the documentary “VIVA LUCHA LIBRE” based upon his book. From there he stared in the PBS special “TALES OF MASKED MEN”. As a road manager he toured the world with such acts as BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS and Chuck Negron from THREE DOG NIGHT. He lives in California with his wife Karen and son Kane and two cats.

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