Resurrecting a Family

Having discussed families before, you may be aware that I use the term in twofold measure: as a word that loosely describes all manner of biological and chosen relations that hang together and take care of one another, and as a treasured concept of great importance. Families are a strange concoction of folks in one’s […]

Contending With God

To crave. To desire. To want. There are things we wish for, even long for. We want security of more than enough money and excellent health. We want solid, loving friendships and marriages. We want less worries, more peace, and a vacation on the French Riviera. As humans, we seem to perpetually remain in a […]

Miracles Walking Among Us: Kelly’s Story

Kelly Hargis Whitaker has been a part of my life for many years. We both grew up at First Presbyterian Church in Madisonville. Our families were friends, her dad sang with the Joyful Noise, and I babysat for Kelly and her brother, Lee. (In fact, Lee was the one who taught me never to feed […]

Father’s Day: Celebrating my Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share a bit about my dad, Michael Hofmann. My memories of my dad are all hemmed together with music, which as he says, is the fabric of his life. Dad says he doesn’t remember not singing. It’s always been part of his identity. As a preschool child […]