The Nazarene

Martyrdom. It’s a big dollar word, isn’t it? Something we’ve discussed in the American church from time to time. Something we’ve read in books and heard about from missionaries returning from the front lines. But it’s never been so in-our-faces in North America. We can literally pull up videos and pictures of heinous acts of […]

The Redeemed

Who are the redeemed of God? Is it the pastor and the elders of the church? Those who are well dressed, clean, smiling and happy? Your coworker who has it all together and sails through life with only a bump in the road every once in a while? Is it those who are safe in […]

Miracles in Mozambique: Toni’s Story

When my best friend, Toni Spence Martin, first saw a video of Heidi Baker preaching and ministering through her organization, Iris Ministries, she was intrigued. There on the screen was a tiny blonde woman with enough fire and vigor to light up a whole city. Instead she was using that energy to love. Really love. […]

A Few of my Favorite Things

                I like to share things with my kids that I enjoyed as a child. And since I have always been a nerd, part of my childhood joy came from musicals. And why not? When you combine a good story in which all the characters break out into catchy songs every couple of minutes, what’s […]

Come to the Table

Are you perfect? Because I’m not. There’s really nothing about me that even hints at it. I’m prone to shooting my mouth off (often colorfully), my body is misshapen and overweight, I’m absent-minded and terrible at organization, and I pretty much always have a voiced opinion about everything. But do those things make me abnormal? […]