Living with Chronic Pain: Kristy’s Story

As a self-professed Type A mover and shaker, Kristy Bergstrom was not used to living her life in the shadow of anything. She was successful, healthy, happy and enjoying her life in every way. But on January 1, 2012, her life changed suddenly and unexpectedly. It began simply. That morning she woke up with some […]

Love in Context

It’s that time of the year for everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday, St. Valentine’s Day. (Anybody need a spoon to gag yourself with?) Break out your bank cards and get ready for the tasteless, gaudy hoopla and expense associated with this day in which we are to celebrate love. When I was twenty-one, I had an […]


Blessings. November is the month to name them and count them, hold them up to the light and study them, test their weight and measure their depth, and come away more thankful, more conscious of the state of your own gratitude. I like November. What I don’t like is the sudden rush we begin to […]

When Loss Becomes a Reason to Fight: Nancy’s Story

Lt. Col. Dino Murphy Dino Murphy’s name is not one that is nationally known and celebrated. He was one man – a husband, father, brother, son, and active soldier for the United States Army. But in the wake of his passing, he has become more. Dino has become an anchor in the shadow of which […]

On Bad Days

I like the high days, the sunny days, the days when the wind in my sails is steady and sweet, leading me forward in a straight line toward a known horizon. Those are good days when the bank account is full, everyone is healthy, and we have lots of reasons to laugh. But it seems […]