Changing Landscapes: Spring

Last fall when I wrote Changing Landscapes: Winter and talked about the grief of losing my dad-in-law and likened it to the falling temperatures, the falling leaves, the settling down for winter months of barrenness, I had no idea that the season befalling me held more death and change than I could have possibly foreseen. In September […]

Changing Landscapes: Winter

In my surprising new career as office manager for Arbor Art Tree Care, Inc., I’ve learned all kinds of things about arboriculture: varieties of arborvitaes, the value of a sharp, precise cut, and perhaps one of the most important green thumb rules, that there is a proper season for everything. The warm months are the […]

Lyme Disease: Jessica’s Story

My earliest memories of my friend, Jessica Pitzer McLaughlin, stretch back to the nursery at First Presbyterian Church in Madisonville when we played at Ms. Ruby’s feet while she rocked back and forth in the rocking chair in front of the window. We drank Sprite out of pretty, green glass bottles and raced each other […]

Lanita’s Story: FoxG1

Lanita’s pregnancy began and ended just like every other normal beginning to a baby’s life. She was a science teacher at Madisonville North Hopkins High School, whose curriculum included genetics. She was married to her love, Eric, and life seemed to be everything she could have asked for. Ryder was born healthy and beautiful and […]

Pondering Good Friday

Today, Good Friday of 2015, I ponder not only the Crucifixion of my King, but also the most recent news. Headlines of recent massacres – as recent as yesterday in Kenya – of Christians killed because they believe that Jesus is who He says He is. We call them martyrs. I’ve been thinking about the […]