Why release on 07/07/2017?

Ten years ago, on 07/07/07, my husband and I joined our friends and over 20,000 other believers at Nissan Stadium here in Nashville for an event called The Call (www.thecall.com). The evangelist Lou Engle, as well as many others, gather together believers in stadiums across the country to intercede for our nation, for the church, and for one another. It’s a time of deep worship and prayer, which follows forty days of worship and prayer and fasting as a time of preparation for the event. We had been looking forward to going and it was a profound experience that made lasting impressions on us.

Yes, we baked in the sun like pasty lobsters that changed from fuchsia to crimson over the course of the day. We drank enough water to float a small cruise ship and wished they made sunscreen with an SPF higher than 100. But while all that was going on, God was doing some super cool things. Several prophetic words went out into the atmosphere around us that night, one of which was a call to the artists in Nashville. The call went out, asking God to pour out a spirit of divine artisanship, art inspired by Holy Spirit, to those called to it in and around Nashville. Artists included writers, painters, singers, songwriters, doodlers, woodworkers, musicians…all those who are born with that natural inclination to create. Those of us who have it can’t seem to escape it and most of the time we don’t really want to. The cry rang out, asking God to intervene, to pour out, to help us all become more than what we could be without him. And I believe he answered that cry with a resounding yes.

At the time I wasn’t living in Nashville. I was still teaching in Madisonville, Kentucky and had just begun my MFA degree. I had no intentions of moving to Nashville, switching careers, and ultimately writing this book. But because I chose to receive that prophetic word and take it to heart, a fire in my spirit began to smolder that day. Over time that fire burned hotter and became Like The Ocean Moves, Book One of the Torchbearer Series. The book will be released ten years after the day it became a blessed possibility. My prayer is that when you read Like The Ocean Moves, you will hear the echo of the cry that went out on 07/07/07 and know that the Creator hears your cries too.

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